Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What I hate about temporal employment agencies

... 'A lot' would put it quite short, but that's not how I usually write my posts. So read on ...

Currently I'm working for a temporal employment agency in Ettlingen (that's about 50 kilometres from my hometown) and am really waiting for the moment this job is over. It's not the job as a such I've come to hate by now (though it's boring and repetitive and very frustrating, too), it's the agency.

First of all I was only hired for the job I'm currently doing. I will not, for all I and the agency know, be employed afterwards. The agency usually doesn't have jobs in the area I live in and I don't have any motivation to travel up to 100 kilometres twice a day for a bad-paid job somewhere else. Nevertheless I get currently cheated out of my money.

That works like this: I work 40 hours a week (8 hours Monday to Friday), but only get paid for 35, the other 5 are 'stored' in case I don't get a new job from the agency right after this one ends - as I won't continue to work for them, I will take my paid days off (6 days of vacation after 3 months of work) after the end of this job (approximately another 5 weeks to go) and then stop working for them altogether and look for a new job with some other company. So what's the point in me gathering 5 hours a week (which will, after 11 weeks of work [was sick one week] be 55 hours, that means almost 7 whole workdays), if there's no way I can use them up? I mean, I get paid about 7,41 before taxes each hour, that's not much at the end of the month anyway, I could use the money of 5 hours more a week right now. Well, they'll have to pay in the end, but that's not the way it would be most practical for me.

Well, I've learned my lesson about those small agencies: next time I need to get on temporal employment, I'll go to randstad again, they're the first temporal employment agency I worked for, one of the biggest in Germany and treated me well, on the whole. And if I can help it, I'll shun those agencies on the whole from now on.

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