Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A new interesting blog

Thanks to the "Girl with a one-track mind" and her blog, I've found a new blog to follow: Bitchy Jones' Diary.

I found the blog of a dominant woman (dominant in sex) very interesting and - due to her style - funny to read, so I've even put up a link to it on the right side of my blog. (You might realize that some other links have disappeared because the blogs either have disappeared or not been updated for a long time.)

I like reading about women who are not easily pressed into the usual categories (as I'm not easy to press into one myself and I like knowing I've got company) and I honestly can't see the point in a woman today still pretending women have no interest in fulfilling sex themselves. We are human beings, too, and so I think we've got the right to have good sex (and satisfaction) as well.

Nevertheless I've realized that the blogs I follow (listed on the right side or not) are quite a colourful mix:

The list should show you that I have quite a strange taste in blogs ... and I'm always looking for other interesting stuff.

Even though it's not a blog (and no, apart from a nice wallpaper I got as a thank-you for putting the banner on my blog, I'm not paid for this advertisement, it comes from heart), I also tune in to the "Girl Genius" online comic every day or two (usually there's an update on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

This, of course, is another story entirely, so stay tuned for another post about Agatha Heterodyne and her adventures...