Saturday, January 05, 2008

About my plans

As I promised yesterday in my "Weekend update", I'll write a few sentences about my plans for this blog (and the other two) in the future.

Yesterday I did register a third blog (or rather, I re-registered the "Surely not Barbie's Diary"-blog [Just realized I re-registered the blog with a mistake in the address, but then, so what?] which I had for about four weeks in February/March last year - after David asked why I had stopped writing it). You might also have realized that I changed the layout of this blog - after more than a year. What can I say? I felt like it.

The basics of my "Feminism Wow!"-blog are almost pinned out (only missing the post about Eva Herman, but I'll do that one this weekend, too). From then on it depends on society and politics how often this blog will grow new posts. Although, admittedly, an MTV-special about computer games inspired me to do a post about women and computer games this weekend, too. It's a topic I always considered worth writing about.

As far as "Surely not Barbie's Diary" is concerned, I have to pin down the story - as this is not going to be a 'normal' blog about facts (or my thoughts about facts). By creating a basic story with basic characters (and ignoring whatever background story Mattel might give to the "My Scene" characters), I should be able to avoid the problem I had last time (having no idea what kind of diary entry to fake next). By pinning down the story beforehand - or, at least, a basic story line -, I'll be able to hold on to this diary, even though it won't grow as fast as this blog does.

But then, "A not so average woman" will stay my main blog with all my thoughts in it - and all the funny pictures as well. Unless, of course, the funny pictures have something to do with my Barbie Diary or with Feminism...

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