Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Updates on my projects

Okay, so let's make this a real update on my current projects.

  • "Feminism Wow!": The basic work is done, but there's new posts coming up now and then.
  • "Surely not Barbie's Diary": I need to sketch out a storyline, otherwise I'll run myself into a dead end again. Might take a few weeks, now that I've got less time to work on it.
  • "Teria": *Whistles innocently* I haven't really, willingly stopped writing this, but currently I'm not actually working on it.

I'm also still working on two fan fictions, but they are both not progressing a lot. Then there's some shorter stories and two crime novels.

My main problem? I get distracted too easily. My mind is kicking out new ideas too fast, most of the time. Therefore I find it difficult to actually finish a story longer than a couple of pages (my longest finished story has about 150 pages). It's not that I'm running out of ideas, but it's taking too long and other ideas take over while I'm still working at it.

There's a lot of other things to do as well and the day only has 24 hours. And now, as I'm working again, there's less time for all those things than before.

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