Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A few weeks ago I learned about a project, a book with about 10 short stories (well, about 20 pages each). I decided to get a story in as well, but I lacked inspiration. Not any longer.

I just didn't know what kind of fantasy story to write. "Thorns" was too short and in English, so I'd have to translate it. I had nothing else on my hard disk I could salvage for the story. Until yesterday in the evening when I went to bed, I had no idea what to write.

This morning, though, when I woke up, everything had changed. I could remember the remnants of a dream - a strange dream, even from my personal experience. I had dreamt I was a dragon guarding its hoard. Within the time I needed to get up and ready to leave, I had penned out the story in my head.

"Ein Drachenleben" (A Dragon's Life) will be the title. It will encompass the life of a dragon from birth (well, hatching, actually) to death, telling a couple of special scenarios. 'My' dragon will begin to fly at the age of 10, will be able to breathe fire after 100 years of life, will mate, will gather a hoard, will fight humans. Some help for the finer details will come from books and other sources, maybe even the internet, surely the DVD "Dragon's World" which is highly interesting. I always found the 'mating dance' pictured there breathtaking, but I'm not going to just copy it.

So I now have the inspiration I need and writing about 20 pages won't take much longer than a week or two. Sometimes life is just great, eh?

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