Monday, January 28, 2008

A coincidence?

Last weekend (well, the weekend before this one) I wrote I was going to watch "Blow Dry" on DVD. I did. This Saturday I went to the hairdresser to get a haircut. Coincidence?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because I wasn't inspired by the movie (as good as it is) to get a haircut, I need to go to the hairdresser at least once every 12 weeks (once every 8 weeks is better) and it was time again. And no, because watching the movie put the principle of getting a haircut fresh into my mind. And then I peeked into my favourite hairdresser's shop on Saturday and it was almost empty. What more signs from fate do you need? Naturally I went in and got myself a new haircut. (Although the hairdresser who did it, didn't look like Alan Rickman at all - for starters, it was a woman.)

But I've had more 'coincidences' like this one in my life. Take, for example, the time while I was still studying. Among the lectures I took was one about vampires in literature and movies. (A very good lecture, actually, which probably was why it was so full.) At that time - just as today - I was reading "Discworld" novels. A new novel came out during those six month and which one was it? "Carpe Jugulum" - a novel dealing with all those ideas humans have about vampires. A new vampire movie was out as well. (Well, vampire movies come and go in waves.) The blood-sucking fiends seemed to be everywhere around me.

It has happened again and again in my life - can't even remember all the 'coincidences' like that clearly. And it has been useful.

As I wrote before, I've gathered knowledge in some pretty strange areas. Like magic, sharks, the more elusive areas of history. I started to read and later on write in English just for fun (and so I could read novels earlier and publish my stories online for a larger audience). Now I've got a job because of it. Other knowledge has come in handy, too. (Well, didn't have to deal with sharks eye in eye yet, but history and magic already were useful already.)

Got my first job in telemarketing, because I'd studied computer science and information technology for a while. Got my flat, because I wanted to move out at the right time and my parents knew my landlord. Coincidences...

Life can be strange sometimes and it's never wrong to learn something, if you want a morale to come out of this.

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