Thursday, January 10, 2008

I've got a new job

... or at least that's what it looks like at the moment. After a year with only a few weeks of work here and there every now and then, that's a really good thing. And it's not even in telemarketing.

I'm rather glad to have found myself a new desk-job (getting one isn't easy in Germany when you haven't really learned it - and I haven't, I went to university instead, silly me). I'm working in the import department of a logistics company now - interesting job and you don't have to talk to people over the phone for eight hours every day. Nevertheless, I will continue working on my web-master and I will also pull through with my other plans (including the two new blogs I've started). Nevertheless, I might not be able to post as often as before. It takes some time to write a new post and I won't have that much spare time at my hands now.

In addition, the company is situated basically next to a huge mega-market, so in the future I can do my weekly shopping on the way home. There might also be a few hours of overtime often enough, adding a few more days I can take off later on. I don't mind working overtime if it doesn't mean talking to people over the phone some more hours.

Funnily enough, I mainly got this job because my English is good - so watching movies in English, reading English books and writing this post (and other stuff) has actually been good for something. An experience I've had before, with various things I just did 'for fun'. But that's probably a topic for another post.

I do have an outlook for the future now, something besides becoming a web-master and hopefully publishing a book some day. That doesn't mean I'm giving up those dreams. It just means I can earn money regularly in a job that doesn't get me down while working at them coming true.


Elizabeth said...


By the way, your English isn't just "good", it's beyond least the written stuff. Can't speak to the spoken. ;)

I don't mean just the vocabulary. I mean your sentence structure, your rhythms. I know, in the back of my brain, that you are writing English as a second language, but I forget most of the time.

FWIW, I had three years of German a billion years ago. I'm left with nothing from it, other than a grasp of how the hardest thing to do was to try to construct natural sounding writing in German from my American English brain.

So, congratulations and compliments!

hugs, E

Cay Reet... said...

Thank you very much.
I guess that comes from having a certain affinity for the language and reading books in English for years.

On the other hand, German does differ from English a lot - and doing it the other way around (from German to Engish) seems to be less difficult. German isn't considered a difficult language to learn (well, unless it's the first one you learn) for nothing.