Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm doing it again

After my abysmal failure with "Surely not Barbie's Diary" (a second blog that lived for about four weeks or so), I've started an additional blog again. But this one will not contain made-up stories from a plastic doll - hopefully.

The new blog was named "Feminism Wow!" by me - a reminiscence of the "Catholicism Wow"-campaign in "Dogma" (there really is such a campaign going on, as I found out while doing some check-up on Google for my new blog). I've written a long post about what the blog is for, so I could just leave it here, but I'm going to repeat the basics, so you can decide whether to go there yourself or not.

The goal of the "Catholicism Wow"-campaign in "Dogma" is to change the image of Catholicism (something really necessary these days). And the goal of my new blog is to change the image of Feminism - because to most young people these days Feminism is something dirty. Girls don't want to be feminists and boys don't want to date feminists, it seems. But being a feminist and fighting for equality does not mean hating or fighting men. And that's what the new blog is for: showing the facets of Feminism that have nothing to do with 'hating men'.

So, if you're interested, just check it out for yourself.


David said...

I would have thought a doll diary would have been a hit.

Cay Reet... said...

It could have been ... but I ran out of ideas way too soon.

Maybe I'll reconsider it one day, though.