Tuesday, January 01, 2008

One-word answers

The second meme I did last year. It's not specifically for Christmas, so feel free to copy whenever you like.

Yourself: complex

Your partner: non-existent

Your hair: dark

Your mother: practical

Your father: philosophical

Your favourite item: books

Your dream last night: strange

Your favourite drink: water

Your dream car: blue

Your dream home: apartment

The room you are in: living-room

Your ex: huh?

Your fear: injury

Where you want to be in ten years: around

Who you hung out with last night: nobody

What you're not: skinny

Muffins: sprinkled

One of your wish list items: inspiration

Time: around noon

The last thing you did: watching TV

What you are wearing: comfortable

Your favourite weather: stormy

Your favourite book: lots

Last thing you ate: brunch

Your life: surprising

Your mood: relaxed

Your best friends: disappearing

What are you thinking about right now: sun

Your car: green

What are you doing at the moment: blog-writing

Your summer: great

Relationship status: free

What is on your TV: documentation

What is the weather like: cloudy

When is the last time you laughed: yesterday

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