Friday, August 10, 2007

Found a new comic to enjoy

Thanks to Kate, I've found a new online comic to enjoy twice a week. I'm still reading "Dork Tower", "Nodwick" and "Girl Genius" regularly, and now "Looking for Group" will be added to this list.

What will be added to this post is the YouTube movie/musical-number "Slaughter Your World", which got me addicted to the whole comic:

(Just in case you're wondering where you might know the music from, it's "Part Of Your World" from Disney's "Little Mermaid". Not sung by the same person, obviously.)

I liked this musical number for several reasons. First of all it reminded me of the style used in the second "Discworld" game - and I love that game and animation style. Second I'm full of dark humour myself and watching an Undead Warlock go about his business was fun. Third I like the song - especially the 'dark version'.

So, after I'd watched the movie for the first time, I typed "Looking for Group" into my google search bar and soon enough found the comics - which are just as great.

Obviously based on the world from the MMORPG "World of Warcraft", I liked the comic from the very fist page (when Cale'Anon - a Blood Elf, I should think, who's supposed to be evil, but wants to be good - meets the Undead Warlock Richard [the guy from the movie]). Richard soon became my favourite character. I don't mind my favourite character killing others for fun (and thought the "Star Wars" reference in which he kills both 'Ben Kenobi' and his 'ghost' was really funny) and he's so very sarcastic and dark humoured like me. Apart from Richard and Cale, the group contains the Orkish Priestess BennJoon and her foster father, the Tauren Warrior/Scholar Krunch Bloodrage (to whom she often refers as "old cow"). Oh, and then there's Cale's pet, a black panther going by the name Sooba. But all five of them are quite strange (and set on the 'evil' side of "World of Warcraft", the Blood Elves have been added to it with the Add-On "Burning Crusade", to make up for the fact that the rest of the 'evil' races don't exactly look good).

I liked the "World of Warcraft" manga "The Sunwell Trilogy" a lot, but "Looking for Group" is far better.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Oh My Gods?

It's a Pagan comic strip...and it seems to be going through a Cthulhu phase about now...