Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What's the problem with German magazines, seriously?

Okay, so this Tuesday a famous (well, more or less) German couple decided to get married live on TV. Admittedly, it's not what I would do (but then, I wouldn't get married in the first place), but I can't really find anything strange in that. It's not as if they let the TV-station air their wedding night, too.

But one day later (today, as I write this, but I'm not sure whether I'll be posting it today, too) all the online magazines I read (apart from the one about computer games) report on it, saying, basically, how embarrassing the whole thing was. As if they'd been the first people to get married live on TV (what about all the royals from various countries ever since Lady Di?). So they got married, in front of cameras. So people got to see some of the party, too, through the cameras. What about it? We're living in a free country, nobody is forced to watch this (I, for instance, didn't, but I know my parents did).

Slowly I'm getting the impression everything the magazines are doing is simply bitching about everything that seems to be seen by more people than they are. A lot of people are watching stuff like this wedding on TV. A lot of them probably neither buy the print-variety of the magazines nor surf on the websites. But then, why bitching? To give those who don't watch such stuff a superior feeling? That's really poor.

First they were bitching about a new TV show (I've already covered that), just because it wasn't "cultural" enough for Germany (and everything in Germany has to be "cultural", but I covered that, too), then it was "Pirates of the Caribbean 3", "Shrek 3" and "Harry Potter 5" (but I guess it could have been every successful movie) and now it's this TV event. I never heard them complain about "yet another royal wedding" - although we've had quite a few during the last years. Maybe they think royals are more special than other famous people ... I don't know.

Whether or not somebody gets married on TV is the decision of the couple (and the TV station broadcasting the event). You may like it or loathe it, but there's no reason to start bitching about it. There's more important stuff happening!

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