Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm baaaack!

Yes, I know, I've been a bit lazy (or at least, so it seems) lately. Well, in fact I haven't been lazy at all, just working on other stuff than my blog, which - while really being important to me - still is only one of my interests.

I was writing a lot - but a "Harry Potter" fanfiction without Harry Potter (as I've already mentioned before), not posts for my blog (which will soon reach the number 250 ... and we all know what that means, don't we?). The story is working out quite well at the moment - let's just hope I can finish it. But then, I did have a writer's block with "Phoenix Song" (you can find it on "Geschichtenschmiede") and still finished it. Other stories weren't as lucky, though...

And I was reading a lot (although I have mentioned the novels in my last post), too. And then there was the second season of "House" which I went through during three nights and two days (starting on Friday in the late evening and getting through by midnight on Sunday). I loved every single episode. But then, I love the series. And then there was "Big City Adventure San Francisco" which I also finished this weekend (while watching "House" on my computer and working on the story, talk about multitasking).

There's other stuff to come right now. I have a lot to say and I will take the time to write it down now. So expect a week with a lot of different posts about my crusades and so on.

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