Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Post 250

And so, here we are again: another post with a number.

Actually I'm still a little surprised every time I realize it's time for another post. In other words: I've managed to put another 50 posts online. I don't really count the number of posts I put online during a week or a month. Sometimes I count the number a day, especially after I've been a bit lazy (but see other post for this) and put up a lot of different posts on one day.

Sometimes I still can't believe I've managed to include blogging into my life like that - as I've never managed to keep a diary for myself. But then, I was a teenager and I tried to only write about my own life (which wasn't very interesting then and in many ways isn't very interesting now). Writing about my thoughts instead of writing about my life is a lot more interesting. I don't want a very dangerous or adventurous life - that's not my cup of tea -, but I do have a lot of dangerous and adventurous thoughts. And I like sharing them with more than just my most trusted friends or my family. Blogging gives me the chance to do that.

What can you expect until the next post with a number? More about myself, surely, but most of all more about the original reason for my blog, more about society, politics and the things which piss me off. And maybe you'll get more swearing, too. That depends on the things happening in my world.

If you liked my blog up to this post, stay with me. It's going to continue just as before.

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