Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wake-Up Call

And then there's this article (German as well), published on the same website on the same day. How long have the authors of this article slept? Ten years, twenty?

E-sports isn't very well known in Germany, yes. But after writing several articles about how teenagers and people in their twenties are gathering and playing "Killerspiele" together on so-called LAN-parties and organizing themselves in "Clans", the journalists in Germany should have stumbled over e-sports before ... honestly.

In other countries, there are people who live by taking part in e-sports tournaments and playing "StarCraft", "Unreal Tournament" or other games for a living. In Germany you can maybe finance your next vacation with it, but that's all.

But now even ordinary people and groups working together in normal companies build clans and come to e-sports events. So you can't go around saying any longer "it's just some murderers-to-be who are doing this".

The shock of it must have been immense.

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