Monday, August 06, 2007

A well-planned weekend

Although I currently have more spare-time at my hands (what with currently being unemployed, but probably not for long), I have had a rather packed weekend.

First of all, there's still two books to read: "The Book of the Dead" by Preston and Child (yet another story with Agent Pendergast, my favourite FBI-agent [yes, even including Fox and Mulder]) and "The Toyminator" by Robert Rankin.

Then I've picked up the second season of "House" on Friday - and even though I've seen three episodes on Friday night and some more on Saturday, there are still a lot to watch (four episodes per DVD, 6 DVDs per season). But I'm sure I'll get through them fast enough - "House" is the only "hospital show" I like watching.

Oh, since Thursday I've also gotten the third "Delaware St. John"-game ... but I'm through already for the first time. It's a good one, nevertheless, answering a few questions, just to produce more of them. And I've got two more games to play while working, a quiz and another 'search game'.

And, of course, I'm still working on becoming a web-master. Oh, and Saturday morning I had a great idea for a new story to write.

So the weekend is getting kind of crowded. But at least I'm doing things I like.

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