Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Should I be worried?

I like doing quizzes and other stuff on the net for fun and one of the online-magazines I read regularly quite often does such stuff. Today it was a quiz about the Simpsons (because the movie is out in Germany as well). I scored 100%, more than in the "Harry Potter" quiz I did some time ago (I missed one question, not knowing Mrs. Rowling's middle name).

I've always tended to remember unimportant details, but now, after the results of a large variety of quizzes in which I did quite well, I wonder whether I should be worried about this. Will I, in a couple of years, have reached the maximum capacity of my brain and be unable to remember things from then onwards? Or will my head just explode?

I'm joking, by the way!

P.S.: Expect a post about "Werewolf Warrior" tomorrow - and maybe something about bishounen, too, if I get to it.

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