Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Women are...

I guess you know the saying "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". But I have to admit, I don't see the point in it. I mean, wherever we've come from, we're all living on Earth, aren't we? And we should learn to live here together, because during the next couple of decades/centuries/millennia I don't see us leaving Earth and colonizing new planets.

So yes, there's differences between men and women ... but then, there's also differences between men and between women. We're not all alike (which would be quite boring), we're individuals. I do not consider myself an average woman (see title of my blog...) and neither do I think "all men are alike" (unless I'm in a really, really, really, really dark mood - but in this case I'm not really seeing women any more positive).

I do consider myself a feminist and don't think men are better than women in any respect, but on the other hand I don't think men are worse than women on the whole. There's always some ... but that goes for everything. I want to be seen for what I am: a computer fan, an avid reader, a real bitch sometimes, a movie freak (when there's a good movie out to see) and, last but not least, a woman, too. But that's not the first thing people should notice about me - as I didn't choose my gender, but a lot of the other things which define me.

The same goes for me - mostly - when it comes to men. Of course, I can recognize a man when I see him ... I'm short-sighted, not blind. And yes, I like to see a man with a good-looking ass as much as every woman. But then, I don't really care if men stare at a good-looking pair of tits. Why should I?

But the moment I actually meet a man (not just look at him in passing on the street or somewhere), I don't see him as a man first, I see him as a human being. And I expect the same when it comes to me.

And this is why I, like E, don't dig "Female Supremacy". To me, it's the same thing we've already had (Male Supremacy) all over again, only this time it's the other half of mankind doing it. Women suppressing men isn't any better than the other way around. Living works best with nobody suppressing the other person. And I don't mean BDSM here - that's usually wanted by both parts, so it's not suppression ... it's submission. I mean women who really seem to dig the idea of men being nothing but slaves or suchlike. That's a great fantasy, but it's not something I like to see in reality. Which is why I write such a fantasy myself ... well, I've had a little writer's block lately ... but don't really want to see it around me.

What I really, really do hate, is putting everyone - men as much as women - in a box, saying "this is what you are", without really getting a close look beforehand. I hate it when people say "women are..." or "woman do..." or "women think..." (but you can also use "men" instead of "women" here). I'm a woman, but I don't like shopping for clothes and shoes, I don't like love stories on screen or as books, I'm really into computers (and horror movies - expect something about two Japanese werewolf-movies soon) and I'm not afraid to admit I like manga/comics/animated movies. There's many stereotypes that don't fit me, like the ones mentioned above or, for example, chatting over the phone with a friend for hours every day. Yes, I do chat with my best friend Heike every now and then, but it's rarely over an hour and it's usually not more often than once a week (and we don't live very close, the phone's the fastest way to get together for us).

So whenever I hear someone (quite often a man) comment "that's so typical for women", I really want to scream! There isn't a "typical" for men or women and we'd all be better of if we finally realized it!

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