Monday, July 02, 2007

Thin, Thinner ... Gone

For quite some time I thought it was just me, thinking the Hollywood-stars were getting thinner and thinner. But it seems I was right and not just delusional (well, at least about that, I've got loads of other delusions, after all), as the picture of Cate Blanchett above shows.

What I really wonder about is the reason. First the models who have to fit into Size 0 (here goes my Crusade again...), now the actresses too. What's the point in that?

I know they say you're looking fatter through the camera - and I wonder why, as the camera shows the reality, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe we perceive ourselves a bit thinner than we really are and the camera shows the truth? Who knows?

As you might have gathered from other posts I did in the past, I don't see the reason in Size 0 anyway. I don't think two pears on a wooden board make up a human body - especially not a female human body. And if modern fashion designers aren't able to design clothes for a normal-shaped woman, then they either have the wrong job or should learn how to do it.

The same goes for me whenever actresses are concerned (actors too, but usually they don't have to do it for nothing, they have to gain or loose weight for a special role and mostly that's justified). There are loads of different types of characters and so there should be just as many different types of actresses as well. But the only 'type' of actress you see these days is the super-thin one.

And because all the women in public (or at least most of them) are thin, 'normal' women think, they have to be as thin, too. Where does that lead? Sickness and death in really hard cases.

I've quoted this before: "A woman can never be too rich or too thin." I still don't get it. There's a line for everything, even wealth. What good would it do me to own all the money in the world? Nobody could make anything for me to buy then. So there definitely is a "too rich". And "too thin" for me starts when it's really making me sick. And nobody can tell me that the 'super-thin' models and stars really are healthy and will stay so until old age.

Even though "Bridget Jones" isn't my kind of movie, I liked the idea of a movie showing a woman with 'normal' proportions. A

nd I would like to see more 'normal' women in a Hollywood movie (Bollywood does it better, they still have all the types).

In the past Hollywood had some real 'sex goddesses' (even though I don't really like that term). But today? A woman like Marilyn Monroe would not even get through her first casting, she'd be "too fat" for a movie role. (But who really wants to see Gwyneth Palthrow do the scene on that ventilation grid?)

Sometimes when I look at the photographs of stars these days, I think "Are they all auditioning for a new zombie horror movie?" and other things along the line. The models and the stars don't look like living people, they rather look like the walking dead (but they move a bit better, probably because their brain is still working in most cases).

And there even is a "Skin and Bone Diet", it seems, reducing people to exactly that: a walking skeleton. I've seen zombies with more flesh on their bones, although it was rotting.

Honestly, who would want Lara Croft to look like that in her next movie?

I don't. And knowing the way most men - at least most young men - think, they won't either. So who's doing all the casting these days? The Lord of the Damned? I'm sure, even Dracula and Lucifer would prefer women with a little more flesh on their bones...

Everyone looks like a skeleton one day (after rotting in a casket for a few years), there's no reason to do it before dying!

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