Friday, July 06, 2007

Here's the solution...

Now here's the solution to the game from Tuesday:

1) True. I got my own library card at age 7 and used it to a great extend until I started studying, afterwards the books in the public library didn't go along well with my taste in books.

2) True. I've still got the books about comic design and stuff, but my drawings have never met my standards. I can draw, but it wouldn't be good enough for a comic book.

3) True. I've been to Paris by bus in my 10th year at school with the whole class, I've been travelling by train and car and even boat, but never by plane. And I haven't been abroad much, anyway.

4) True. My English improved a lot after I started reading English books in 10th grade. But in fifth I was kind of a hopeless case when it came to English.

5) Wrong. Although Mr. Cruise was the teen idol of my generation, I never found much in him (unlike a friend of mine who almost papered her room with his posters). If I would be forced to name any actor I was a fan of then, it would have to be Mr. Leonard Nimoy. But I was never a classic fan-girl.

6) True. It's sad, but my mother lost a child 10 years before I was born. My parents never ever knew what gender the child would have had.

7) True. A man named Max Hoffmann took 'responsibility' for most of my grandmother's children (although in reality not two of them probably have the same father). He never came back from Russia (probably settled down there somewhere instead of coming back and paying for all 'his' children). We have no idea who my father's father really was - and my father doesn't even have real documents about his birth, because his family fled from Eastern Prussia at the end of the war.

Some more interesting things about my family: I was born at the same day as my mother's grandfather, only almost 100 years later. And my cousin's son was born just one day before my birthday, 17 years later than me.

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