Sunday, July 01, 2007

A hairy problem

There's one thing about 'modern women' I simply don't get: The hair-thing.

What I mean is this: from the moment a woman sprouts hair anywhere except for her scalp, she's in trouble. There'll be decades of shaving or waxing ahead of her - or a long treatment with lasers to get the hair off once and for all.

What I don't really get, is the reason. Women have hair on their bodies, so what? It's not as if men shave everything as well (with some, you have to be happy if they remember to shave their chin...). Why does a woman have to go through shaving almost every week or two or waxing once a month? It's painful, it takes ages (especially if you're dark-haired like me and have hair growing almost everywhere) and there's no real use to it.

We all had a fur once - and the body hair we still have is a remainder of it. It doesn't really serve any purpose any longer (well, most of it, eyebrows and eyelashes are still useful), but it's not hurting us to have it either.

I can understand why the statues of Greek goddesses don't have body hair - it would have been quite difficult to sculpt them that way. But most statues of Greek gods don't have body hair either - for the same reason, I should guess. Ever since then - or maybe earlier - the female ideal of beauty has been hairless - at least in Europe. But all the time men have been showing off their body hair.

I personally am sick of shaving - and waxing with all the hair I have on my body? I'm not a masochist, if anything, I'm a sadist.

I really want to find the person who decreed women could only be 'real women' by taking off all that body hair - and drown him or her in a large pool of hot wax.


Rodrigo said...

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Cay Reet... said...

I'm not completely sure what this comment says, so I'm not deleting it. But, as I'm fluent in German and English, I would prefer the comments to be posted in one of those languages ... please?