Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now, should I be happy or sad?

After I'd seen the evaluation of their blog both at "E is for" and "A Dom's Life for Me", I decided to test my own blog. It's not as expensive as theirs, but it's still worth more than I earn in a month (1,8something $). Now I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad about this.

It's not the worth of my blog as a such ... I don't really care about it and thanks to Sitemeter I know some people are reading this. What I could find depressing is that my blog seems to be worth more than the job I do regularly for 8 hours or more. I mean, I've always stated I don't love being a telemarketer, but I do it to survive.

On the other side, having a blog that's worth almost 2,000 $ definitely is a good thing. It means I'm doing something right.

I know why my blog isn't rated as high as those of Elisabeth or Kate. I'm not mainly writing about one topic ... people tuning into my blog must be prepared to encounter surprises. I'm not really reliable as far as my topics are concerned, but then, that's me. I am reliable at work or when my friends are concerned, but I'm not only concentrating on one topic. That's not me, my mind is too broad for such a thing. (Or I'm just not concentrating enough ... whatever you like more. Well, on second thought, the latter is more probable.)

But then, someone must like being faced with surprises regularly or nobody would be reading my blog. And as long as there's at least one person checking this blog once a week (there's definitely more than one person doing this currently, I get a regular statistic once a week, every Monday), I'll go on writing.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Cay!

It's a silly little algorithm based on Technoroti rankings. Technoroti rankings are based on how many people link to your blog, not how many people read it.

The $ formula was conceived, actually, to show that the AOL-Weblogs deal was overpriced. If you follow the link from the "How much is your blog worth" applet....the link that says "Tristan Louis's research" it explains the whole thing.

If I thought my blog *was* worth $18,000+, I'd be happy to sell in a sec. Wheeeeee!

All just fluff....and a chance for me to mention male strip clubs. :)

hugs, E

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