Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Starting a new job - again

After only two months of unemployment I've found a new job rather quickly this time. Since Monday I'm working for a new company with a novel concept for small businesses.

First of all I have to admit that currently I don't plan on working in telemarketing any longer than absolutely necessary (in other words: until I've finished my course and official am allowed to call myself a web-master). But after two days of work - or rather training for work - I have to admit that this new job seems alright to me. My future colleagues (we're the first telemarketers the company has hired; after all, it has been founded in April this year) seem quite nice and it's the first time I've heard the bosses speak positively about the telemarketers (which normally are the bottom feeders in any company I've been to before). After all, they claim, we're the first contact any of their customers has with the company. So we should get all the training necessary to represent the company well. I see myself unable to deny the truth in this statement.

I feel quite sure I won't regret choosing this job (and the alternative wasn't worth thinking about it, anyway). I've got a contract for 12 months at the moment (enough to finish my course) and with a little luck I could even change the department and become one of the many web-masters and web-designers working in the production department. And even if it doesn't work that way for me - I'll be a web-master then and that's better than just being a telemarketer. I can surely find a better job afterwards.

I think I might have stumbled over one of the few descent companies around. But I'm careful. Sometimes it takes a while until you see the dark side of a new workplace.

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