Saturday, July 07, 2007

What I hate about temporal employment agencies - update

I've not been working for the temporal employment agency I wrote about last time for more than two months, but they still get on my nerves. So here's an update.

More than two weeks ago I phoned them and asked them to sent me my documents - as it's a one and a half hours trip by train and not much shorter by car. No response. More than one week ago I sent them a letter, asking for the same thing. Today, two days before I start a new job (as I mentioned in the letter), they sent me a letter pointing out that they never sent those documents via mail and I have to go there to pick them up. How do they expect me to do that, for Christ's sake?

I start working on Monday and they've had my letter since the 29th. They've had ample time to write me or phone me before, while I still had the time to do as they ask. Instead they've written me on Thursday - knowing perfectly well that the earliest possible day I'd get the letter would be Friday, the last day they'd be in their office before I start working. And in Germany, you should calculate two or three days before a letter reaches the person it was sent to. So they had to expect it would either arrive today (as it did) or on Monday (as mail is not delivered on Sundays in Germany).

That really gets me aggressive, more than "Killerspiele", more than "Hartz IV", more than "Size 0" and other stuff I can get quite aggressive about. Because this is about me, not about society or politics or other stuff. It's about me and my life - which isn't that easy anyway and gets even harder because of companies that claim they do it because stuff vanished, but in reality probably just want so save a fucking 1.45 €. If documents really vanished before, the easiest way to be safe would be to sent those the way I sent them the letter. It's a bit more expensive than a normal letter, but then the letter isn't just put in the mailbox, it's delivered personally and the person taking it has to sign a little postcard which the sender gets back. That's about as safe as anything can get.

As I start working on Monday (and can hardly take half a day off in the first week), I'll be forced to sent my father, equipped with a warrant, to pick the stuff up for me. And I still didn't get my days of vacation paid (six days which I earned, but never was able to take). I'll have a very close look at my reference - and if they dare to give me a bad one, I'll go to court because of it. I'm not afraid to do that and I suspect even just calling an attorney in would be sufficient to teach them a lesson.

If you've guessed by now that I'm really pissed off about them, you're absolutely right. I'd love to unleash my dormant inner femdom and personally teach them a lesson - but that would only lead to trouble, so I'll keep her tied up and do it the regular way.

If I ever, in my whole life, for the rest of time our universe will last hear about this agency again, it'll be far too soon.

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