Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or why I hate spoilers

Yes, I admit it, I'm a real "Harry Potter" fan. And as a "Harry Potter" fan whose English is good enough to read the English version of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", I bought it right on Saturday when it came out. Now about the reason why I do hate spoilers.

I finished the book in record time - less than 6 hours for a little over 600 pages. Yes, that's fast, even for me - and I'm a fast reader. But no, I'm not going to spoiler. If you want to know what happens without reading the book, I'm sure you can find enough other sites on the web where people do spoiler.

I personally liked the book, but in a forum where I post regularly, a lot of people have been unsatisfied with the story and the outcome. But then, I'd like to see the story everyone likes. Still, for a Severus-Snape-fan like me, the book was good reading.

But the real tragedy for me was not in the book, it was on TV while I was still reading. I had the TV going in the background - I do that a lot, I'm a single and it makes the flat less silent. So while I was finishing chapter 5 or 6, a news magazine was on screen, telling me the ultimate outcome (which I won't tell here). Well, I kept on reading, but the thrill wasn't as strong any longer - which was exactly why I had refrained from reading the last few pages of the book first. Then a news anchor from Swiss TV had to tell me - growl. But still, the outcome says little about the things happening in between - and volume 7 changes quite a lot of what you have thought about some characters. Some people get pictured in a better light, others look a little less brilliant in the end. But knowing Miss Rowling (yes, I know she's married again), I did expect something like this would happen. And I'm currently considering changing my avatar in my favourite forum to this picture:

Currently it's this one:

After the last volume, I'm proud again to be a fan of Severus Snape. But then, I personally can cheer on Darth Vader (even before we knew Anakin Skywalker in person) or even, on a dark day, Voldemort himself. Go, Voldy, go!

What can I say? The good guys just don't really work for me.

But back to why I hate spoiler. I hate it when somebody tells me the outcome before I have read/seen it myself. Where's the point in that?

I created a spoiler thread at the forum, because with all the arguments and bets about the outcome of volume 7, I gathered a lot of people would want to know the end, especially those who don't want to read the book anyway. (The absolute end of the book, the final word, I will tell you: "well". But "all's well" or "nothing's well"? That's not mine to tell you.) But I did it properly, with a spoiler-tag (which means everything in between is hidden and will only be shown to people who press a button on screen). Th

is way, people have to decide whether they want the spoiler or not. If they do, I provide information about Harry's fate. If they don't, I will not force them to read it.

I personally also found the book very inspiring and currently I am working on a "Harry Potter" dystopia that won't feature Harry at all. Sounds

strange? Sure, but the main idea was born before I read the latest novel. I like such "what if" stories. That's the way I work. Or the way it works for me...

On the other hand, some people might say, that, in the light of the recent events, this avatar (created quite some time ago for "Potterpuffs") even features a spoiler.

But whose? Read the book to find out.

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