Saturday, July 07, 2007

Paris without an end

I would never have guessed I would one day write a post about Paris Hilton. It's not that I hate Paris Hilton - I don't care about her at all. But reading about her almost every day (although I only read the online news, usually) has made me want to comment on her.

From the very beginning I've never grasped the 'idol' that was Paris Hilton. She's rich, so what? She's an it-girl, so what? That's nothing other people aren't as well. Apart from being wherever the Paparazzi were, she never did anything important.

She has no talent for music, she can't act (at least not in a movie - see "House of Wax"). She's never done anything that would warrant the interest the public has in her life. But everywhere there's Paris: Paris going to a party, Paris getting arrested, Paris going to jail, Paris leaving jail, Paris going back to jail, Paris finally leaving jail again, Paris' old mobile number earning a young student loads of trouble. You just can't escape her.

I don't think Paris is as vain and empty as most people believe she is. She has been building up quite some fame - and quite some money for herself. You can't do that when you're stupid. So I suspect she acts like this on purpose, but is far more intelligent than she seems.

That doesn't really make it any better. Admittedly, we have a "prototype" of Miss Hilton in Germany, too. Verona Feldbusch (now Verona Pooth) also made a lot of money by making the people think she was stupid, but she never took it as far as Miss Hilton does. But then, she put up her act in Germany, we're less interested in what our celebrities do, on the whole. By now, she's happily married and has a son. She's still working in the public, but she has dropped most of the 'stupid girl'-act by now.

But Paris is different, by the way it looks. I doubt she'll grow out of her current reputation soon. And it's a shame, if you want my view. There's a lot of good things she could do, both with her money (as she'll inherit a lot of money from her parents one day anyway) and with her name. But she doesn't do it. She seems to be too wrapped up in her "naughty, little girl" idea to turn away from it. And thus she's wasting a good opportunity.

And I wish I could spent more than one day without reading something about Paris Hilton. It gets on my nerves!

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