Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm done with Gespensterweb

I'm just fed up with the admins at Gespensterweb and I'm not going to visit this site ever again. Why, you ask? I'll tell you:

Last Tuesday (that was February 6th), I got an e-mail with a new password, and ever since then I wasn't able to log in under my nick there. (I guess I've already written about this, but I'll retell it to make a point.) In the chat - where I could still log in at that time - the admin just told me I had been sacked as an admin and mod. He also told me they hoped I would "continue to participate in the discussions on the site", which I would happily have done - had I ever gotten the chance to.

What first made me suspicious was that I got kicked out of the chat for good soon after my little (on my side private on his side public) talk with the admin. I've not been able to log into the chat ever since - and I know I wasn't listed as an admin before I got kicked, so it can't just have been to change my account in the chat.

What angers me most now isn't that I'm not an admin any longer. I've started working again - even though I'm home sick at the moment ... great timing - and I probably would have asked to leave this job this weekend anyway. So I'm perfectly alright with it and would just have continued to post as a regular user.

No, what angers me is the way they told me about it. I mean, I just get an e-mail with a new password, that can mean anything (they hacked my password, something has gone wrong at the site, it's just a security-measure because they're in trouble at the moment and so on). Both the technical admin and the owner of the site and the forum have my phone number. Both have an e-mail-address. They could have written about it in the same mail I got the new password in, they could have called me. RUPPU (that's the technical admin there) even has my ICQ-number. Instead I have to log into the chat (luckily RUPPU was there) to ask about my new password. There I don't get a private message via whispering (which just I and he could read), I just get told publicly "you're out". That's no great style - and especially doesn't show a lot of ability in working with other humans. Then I write them "I need a new password, so please tell me per e-mail, cause I can't log into the forum or the chat". I even ask them to tell me whether or not they've banned me for some reason. No answer to this mail, either. They just play dead.

So now Gespensterweb has died for me. It's over, I'm going to post in other forums from now on, I'm not even going to visit the site again. It's dead for me.

I doubt anybody there will ever read this - although I gave my blog address as my homepage, because my two websites link to it as well -, but I feel a bit better after writing this post. I'll continue posting on MangaSzene and I've started taking more of an interest in TV.com, where they have a very good forum, too.

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