Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've started a new blog!

In addition to this blog, I've started a new one. It's not going to be a 'real' blog, but I've somehow got it into my slightly dizzy head to do some sort of fake Barbie Diary.

It's not going to be filled with posts about why I hate Barbie (I hate some things she stands for, but not the doll as a such) or something like that. I will use my skills as a writer - as good or bad as they may be - and write a diary about my fictional 'Barbie' and her life as a role-model. I'm trying to make it funny ... but I'll probably not post there as much or as regularly as I do in my main blog, which is - and always will remain - this one.

Just in case you wonder about my slightly dizzy head: I'm sick at the moment and my body goes from sleepy to more or less alert and back every 30 minutes or so. Sometime during the transition from one state to the other I must have conceived this idea. Well, I've had even less inspiration for some stories who turned out to be quite good.

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