Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Killerspiele" Update (The "There could well be a new party around" Edition)

During one of my posts in the MangaSzene-forum, I mentioned I wanted to create a new political party in order to work against the current politics.

The law I wanted to fight against, is by now clinically dead (it didn't pass the Bundestag, which would have been necessary to become a real law). But the whole "Killerspiele"-issue is not the only issue that is of interest to the normal people the politicians ignore. The "Deutsche Gamer Partei" could become a new strong party - "Die Grünen" already did it, after all. Maybe this new party could become a real force, since I've got a few ideas about it.

First of all, I want to put it down in our charter that no member of this party is allowed to take money from lobbyist groups. Whoever gets caught doing so, will immediately be kicked out of the party. The members of the "DGP" are supposed to serve all people in Germany - not just those who happen to have enough money to pay them.

This brings us to the second point. The "DGP" will have a website on the internet - it's high time the parties in Germany put more emphasize on the new media. On this website we'll have forum where everyone can post - this way the people in Germany can tell us, the party, what they really worry about and want to get done. After going through the threads, we will decide what the people want - and this will be what we'll fight for in the parliament. Of course, we can't do it the right way for everyone, but we'll at least try to find out what most people want.

The third point will be that the "DGP" will not allow itself to be 'used' in a coalition. We are, of course, ready to build up a coalition with other parties, but we will not be forced to agree to issues we know the people don't want solved this way (see the second point, right above). We'd rather always be opposition instead of - like the FDP has done in the past - become a little 'addition' to a major party that uses our votes in parliament to get what it wants.

This rather short statement of the new party might sound strange to you, but the fact alone that so many people react favourable to my short remark about creating a new party, was just as strange to me. Nevertheless I have to admit I have the mouth for it - and probably the mind, too. There's other people I've met over the internet who also would make formidable members of the party, especially in the Bundestag.

The way I see it, the modern media makes it more possible for all people in Germany to vote - or at least let the politicians know what they really think about - and the political parties should use this possibilities. What better to do?

There will be people writing very dumb stuff, of course, there will be people making fun of the whole forum on purpose, but even that is part of the process of democracy. Currently there's only very few places where people can make fun of the political parties: comedians are allowed to, mainly. There's a few satirical pictures and of course there's the more or less political correct jokes.

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