Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm no longer an admin

As I can't spent that much time online - especially now, as I'm going back to working fulltime again -, I'm no longer an admin at Gespensterweb.

I just wish they manage to get my account there working again, currently I can't even log in as a simple user ... and I'd hate to leave the forum and chat completely.

I have to admit I'm not worried a lot about not being an admin any longer, especially this afternoon it was very stressing and with my work, learning to be a web-master and this blog, I've got more than enough to do. Writing in forums when I've got the time, is great, but having to spent time in the chat or the forum and look for a lot of things was quite stressing. I just would have liked it if they'd written me something instead of just sending me an e-mail with a new password which doesn't work - and then tell me in the chat "Sorry, we've decided you're not fit for an admin". I won't argue with my fitness for this job - I really couldn't spent as much time online as I probably should have. I just think it would have been fair to tell me directly, not just after I'd logged into the chat to tell the webmaster there - because there was no other way I could reach him, as he's not online with ICQ a lot these days.

If they get my accounts working again, I can go online whenever I've got the time and write whenever I feel the need, not because I'm responsible for something. If they don't manage to ... well, to be honest, currently I'm not sure whether or not I'd register again under another name - I'm not sure whether it would be worth it. I've still got another forum to follow (MangaSzene, where I'm just a user anyway) and I don't see the point in living with the consequences of other people's failures.

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