Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank God, I'm not alone!

I am not alone. This very happy realisation has dawned on me today. I was reading the blog of 'Girl with a one-track mind' and suddenly there was someone - a very sexy and sexual active someone - who hates shopping for clothes just as much as I do.

I know that most people expect women to be naturally tuned to shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories for as long as their money holds. And I probably won't lie if I tell you that most women (at least in the so called 'Industrial' countries) really are. Up till now I thought I was the only woman around who despised shopping for clothes. And I was willing to just blame it on the fact that I'm overweight and find it hard to find good-looking clothes for my size.

Today I realized that any women not the preferred shape of the fashion shops these days has a lot of problems with buying clothes - and considering how few women these days can wear Size 0 (oh, oh, here comes my crusade again) there's bound to be a lot of those around.

Fact is, not all women love shopping for clothes. Yes, we all need to wear something, we all want to look respectable - which more or less means wearing something that can loosely be defined as 'fashionable'. And as fashion for women changes faster than that for men, we are forced to 'update' our clothes more often.

But buying clothes you need is one thing, buying clothes just because you love the process of buying is something else entirely.

I know someone who loves shopping for clothes, but I do not. I basically wear the same clothes anyway (my style could be described as 'casual'), so I just pick up clothes when I really need to.

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