Monday, February 19, 2007

Something New...

I've been working with "CoolPage", a program for creating websites, for quite some time (I've redone "Night-Shade" at least twice with it). But now I've found something better.

As I'm learning to be a webmaster, I've installed the "Dreamweaver" today. I also started working with it and it's great. Unlike "CoolPage" I immediately get the website, I don't have to export it first. I can also see the coding (html is a programming language and as a such has a code) and the design ("Dreamweaver" is some kind of 'what you see is what you get'-editor) simultaneously, which helps me to learn more about html, while at the very same time making the design of the page easier to do.

The most useful thing about immediately getting the website is that you can test it out completely, including the links, not just the looks. In addition "CoolPage" could not incorporate flash-animation into a website, "Dreamweaver" has no problem whatsoever with it. That's useful for me, because a) I've downloaded a lot of flash-games over the last couple of month and always wanted a real menu to call them up (I've build it this afternoon within about one hour and a half; including one homepage per flash-game) and b) I want to learn how to program flash-animation when I'm through with learning to be a webmaster.

I will have to put a lot of hours into learning how to do everything with this new program, that much is for sure, but I know it will be worth it - and I'll put off working out my second website ("Geschichtenschmiede") until I've mostly mastered the program. It'll look much better for it (and I might go over "Night-Shade" again as well) and I will feel much better about it, too.

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