Thursday, February 08, 2007

My first day

... of the new job is now behind me.

We - my two new colleagues and I - didn't get to do any 'real' work as we first had to learn about the job we'll really be doing from tomorrow on.

For those of you who've been lucky enough to avoid working in telemarketing, the main job of a telemarketer is, of course, talking to people over a telephone. My new job will mean talking to businessmen (of businesses that have need of tires and rims) and get them to register on the page of an online company selling tires and rims over the internet. The whole thing is sound, there's no price to be paid (unless for the tires or rims when ordered, of course) and there's no cheating. I'm quite confident that, after a couple of days to get into the whole thing, I'll be able to do quite well.

This job will keep me out of unemployment until the end of April, at least. What will happen afterwards? I've got no idea, but nor do I care right now. I will see it when it is time for it - and then I'll deal with whatever life will be throwing at me.

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