Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Addicted to Wallpapers

I have to admit it: I'm an addict. I simply love wallpapers for my desktop.

I know that a lot of real geeks say wallpapers just slow the computer down ... but hey, I'm not a geek like that myself and I don't mind my computer getting slowed down by the fraction of a second just because of a pretty wallpaper on screen.

So I collect wallpapers like other people collect stamps (and whenever I get my hands on a stamp without paying for it, I collect it as well) and put them on my hard disk. I probably could almost change my wallpaper each day for a year without using the same motive twice, but I won't do that. Actually most of them rarely get to be 'on screen' anyway - but I keep them because I like how they look ... even though I prefer others for my desktop. Sometimes they come in useful, too. For example I found a wallpaper on gameswallpaper.com a couple of month ago (sometime this summer) with the characters of the game-sequel to "The Nightmare before Christmas" on it - and this year before Christmas I put in on my desktop.

But on the other hand, those wallpapers usually just sit on my hard disk and wait ... most likely until forever (or until I'm dead and my last hard disk gets destroyed). A lot of people might say now "think about the space on her hard disk she could clear when deleting those - or at least putting them on CD". But I don't mind that space either ... I've got enough of it, anyway.

So I just go on hunting down good-looking wallpapers and storing them on my computer, just for the fun of it. At least I'm not hurting anybody...

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