Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My best friend, her new computer and DSL

I've got one best friend; not two, not three, not twenty, just one best friend: Heike. Unfortunately we don't live in the same town or close (as I would define the term 'close', that is). So we usually communicate by writing letters, sending emails and chatting over the phone for an hour or more whenever we've got the time. About once every two or three month we actually meet in person - either I'm travelling to see her or she travels to see me, we need about two hours or so on a train to reach the other one. It's a lucky coincidence we both like reading or listening to music.

Recently she told me she was getting her own internet connection (well, I should probably say 'their' own internet connection, as she lives with her boyfriend). She's got it now which means we can write more emails, as we can both check them at home. She also wants to get the Yahoo! Instant Messenger ... she's already got an account and it will be easy for her to get the messenger. I've got it, too … but then I've also got ICQ and (as you can see on the right side of my blog) Zwinky. Unfortunately until now I mostly got bugged by guys who wanted to date me. But with Heike being online now as well, we could have a quick chat every now and then. So when we meet again in January, I'll help her install the messenger ... and hope she goes online quite often, so we can have a chat.

I'm quite happy she's got internet now (over DSL, that's what broadband is called in Germany) and we'll have a new means to communicate, but I also see quite a lot of work coming up while she learns about her new computer and the internet. After all, most people I know consider me their computer advisor.

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