Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas To Me

Yes, I know, Christmas is for being nice to other people, but how to do that if you don't feel that 'Christmas Spirit' in your soul?

Slowly I get into the right mood for it now, even though we still don't have snow - and aren't going to get any for Christmas, unless a miracle happens, of course. It's getting very close now and I start wishing people I meet - and will not meet again before Christmas - "Happy Christmas" and "A Good New Year". I've also managed to get all the presents together, so I don't have to worry about it any longer. I've planned the whereabouts of myself and my parents on Christmas and Sylvester as well.

And, of course, the first movies I associate with Christmas are being show on TV. That's a very good sign in Germany, because it means everything will go on as it should. Unlike a few years ago, there's no tragedy looming over us ... at least none can be seen looming right now, some tragedies happen very suddenly. I get cheerful ... and if you'd know me, you'd also know I rarely am cheerful ... and less inclined to moan and bitch a lot - meaning I will be able to keep my promise to write positive stuff until after January 1st.

So happy Christmas to me!

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