Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Homepage Design and it's problems

Actually this post fits well with the last one, about my future career - or what I hope will be my future career. As I want to be a web-master soon, I have good reasons to go over my homepages and re-design them. For the homepage I still have to update, it'll be a first anyway, because I've just registered the domain about a week ago. Currently I only have an "I'm still building this, come back later, please"-page online.

The last re-design of my homepage "Night-Shade" was done in three days - including writing all the texts, creating the GIFs for the buttons and the banners to put on the sites as headlines and searching the net for a couple of pictures to go with the texts. But then, it was "just a little comedy for people to laugh" while the other page will deal with my most important hobby: writing.

I'm still in the planning stage, trying to figure out what to put on the page and how to design it. I already know I'll have to put in a few hours (probably) with a pencil and paper in order to draw a picture for my index-page. Lets see whether watching cartoon characters getting hit by anvils has taught me something about drawing them. As "Geschichtenschmiede" could be translated into "Story Forge", I need an anvil, a book and maybe a hammer for the picture. I'm not the best of all artists, but I should be able to do this. (I already had serious reservations about using pictures from other sites for my last homepage, so I'm surely not going to use a picture from another page as the symbol for mine - no way.)

So I'm going to do this the old way, drawing a picture on paper (because I definitely draw better with a pencil than with a mouse) and scanning it before using a program to make it look better. Hooray to my mother for teaching me how to draw when I was a kid - and keeping me interested in improving my abilities over the years. In addition I'll be needing lots and lots of different buttons, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Most of the texts are written already this time, so at least this should be more easy. And if things were too easy, they wouldn't be what I call 'fun'. I like a challenge and doing everything in order to meet it.

Therefore I think despite the fact that it will be challenging, despite the fact that there are problems to overcome, I'll surely enjoy building up this homepage - and I'll be proud the day it's uploaded and all is working the way it should.

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