Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why forums are cool

And another post ... I'm really kicking them out like no tomorrow, don't you think?

When I first got internet, I didn't use it much, maybe two or three hours a week to check on my emails and have a look at a couple of websites. Then I discovered FanFiction (about which I've already written my share) and started browsing those pages for hours. But even though I like ... and write ... FanFiction, I've gone through most of the interesting sites by now and only check them for stories I still follow.

My main interest while browsing the internet at the moment is blogs and forums. I write my own blog and follow various others (listed on the right side of my blog). But most of the time I spent online these days is spent in various forums. I post regularly in the forums of the MangasZene, a German magazine about manga and anime which I also buy and read regularly, and Gespensterweb, a website dedicated to ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. In addition I sometimes post in the forums of Giga and

What I like most about forums ... especially those which are rather specialized as MangasZene and Gespensterweb ... is the fact that you're dealing with others who are just as interested in (some may call it 'mad about') the topics you are yourself. While most homepages are written and maintained by a little group of people, the forums are full of loads of people interested in the topics. This makes sure you get loads and loads of different opinions to ponder over or answer to. That's where the fun lies for me.

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