Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another Update

I have been very busy lately - though not with writing my blog. Especially the last weekend was a very productive one for me. I've finished my new homepage-design, I've finished a short story and started what could become a novel - though I'm not sure about this at the moment. I've also registered a second domain for an additional homepage ("Night-Shade" is the page I've already had, "Geschichtenschmiede" is the new one, but currently there's nothing of interest there) - talk about being lazy... I've got to warn you, though: currently "Night-Shade" is in German only and I'm not sure whether I'm going to add an English version.

I'm going to write more new posts for my blog again from now on ... at least until I figure out how exactly to build up my new homepage under the second domain. I surely need some inspiration for this.

As Christmas is coming up, I'll try to stop or at least minimize the amount of bitching until after January 1st. The way politics are going, it's going to be easy, as most politicians already seem to have gone on vacation. Good for me...

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