Sunday, December 31, 2006

I got myself a counter

... and I'm probably going to regret it. As far as I can say, I don't have visitors on my blog - and whether or not this thesis of me is proven right, I'll go on blogging anyway. Of course the counter will get higher over time - I have to check my site myself whenever I upload a new post ... or a couple of them. But I'll keep track of my own numbers, this way I might be able to see whether or not I'm talking to myself here. I like talking to myself (just enter joke about "the only way to talk to an intelligent person" here). No, really, by telling my ideas and wording for a new post to myself I see whether it's good or not. (I already mentioned I need help, did I?)

Anyhow, I'm a little proud of myself, being able to stop bitching until the 2nd of January (I'm not going to loose this tomorrow for sure, I can wait another day before putting on the two bitching posts I've written already).

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