Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ah! Reminescence...

What is the thing happening each year around Sylvester? Yes, it's the retrospectives. No matter whether the year was good, bad or mediocre, around the 20th of December all TV- and radio-stations suddenly decide it's time to look back on the past twelve month.

This year, it seems, Germany has a lot to look back to ... but I'm saving most of the comments for next year, because of my policy (you know, the "no bitching"-thing). Nevertheless on the whole it was a good one, this year. No really big catastrophes - at least none I can recall at the moment, the football world cup (which we didn't win, but we got close enough, if you ask me) and a German becoming the next pope (even though I personally disagree with his views on most things ... but then, I disagree with the views of my own church on most things anyway, so it's not his fault). We've on the whole managed to get by without bad publicity ... and that's good as well.

Personally I look back on a mixed year: had surgery on my knee in January, lost my job in September, worried about my father a lot, but also had a good summer and a lot of fun. On the whole I would say I've had worse years in my life than this one.

What I find even more important than looking back, though, is looking forward. The next year will surely bring interesting news. I'll start learning for a better job ... and that's good. I'm sure I'll soon find a job for the next one and a half years (while I learn how to be a web-master). I'll be visiting my best friend Heike again in January and I'm sure that some time during this or the next year we'll manage to take a holiday together to visit Neu Schwanstein in Bavaria.

I'll also continue to write this blog - I've already got two posts for after January 1st. I'll try to write some more positive posts next year, the short span between Christmas and now has taught me I can do it. I'll do my second homepage as well.

Things are looking up at the moment and I hope that they'll continue to get better next year, for me in person and for Germany on the whole - and the world as well, of course.

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