Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What my blog already means to me

I've had this blog for two month now, as I started it in the end of October and it is the end of December now.

To be frank, in the beginning I thought it was going to be a fad. Why, you might ask? (If there is any you to ask, I'm not really sure whether anybody is reading this.) Well, when I was about thirteen, I tried to start writing a diary regularly, but I didn't do it for long. It was easy enough while I was travelling with my parents (I started during our holidays), but after I was back in my normal and rather boring life, I didn't see the point in writing in it something like "nothing of interest happened" every day. Part of me expected this blog to be just like the diary: something to use for a short time and then discard. But it's quite different: it has become an online-diary not for my daily life, but for my many thoughts and ideas. My daily life still is quite boring, I'm not some sort of hero or adventurer after all ... even though working as a telemarketer can be quite adventurous. But I've got a lot of thoughts I'd really like to share with the world in general and my blog just is the way to do it.

Even this month when I spent two weeks or so without writing a single post, I've made up for it by now (easily, I've already got more posts this month than the one before, even though I did post more regularly in November). So it's not just a fad.

Having your own blog really can be great. I can write down all the things I get angry about (that's why I bitch that much, usually) and vent them off this way. I can put in my two cents about everything that goes on around my; from my crusade against Size 0 right to my crusade (um, is it allowed to perform two crusades at the same time?) against politicians and journalists who don't know anything about computer games, but criticise them. I can tell people (provided there's somebody reading this) what I like, too. You'll get more posts about novels, games or movies I like, don't worry too much (the post about "Pirates of the Caribbean" is still missing because I'm too busy drooling over the DVDs).

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