Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Changing my profession

Currently I'm working as a telemarketer ... and I have done so for a little over three years now, ever since I had to realize that I couldn't earn a living by working as a freelancing editor. I've been to university, but studying literature and history doesn't get you a ticket for a really good job...

So I've finally made a decision: I'm going to become a web-master, per corresponding course. It's the perfect job for me, combining my interest in computers and programming with some creative work. In addition it's surely paid better than telemarketing (but a lot of jobs are, actually) and you have to deal with less unfriendly people (just ask a telemarketer you know about it, they all have a couple of stories about customers to tell).

My plan for the next 18 month is this: working 8 hours for 5 days a week and studying at least 15 hours a week to prepare for the finals around June or July 2008. I know I can do it, I'm still a fast learner and I'm really interested in this subject. I have an internet connection and I have two domains to practice my skills on ("Geschichtenschmiede" und "Night-Shade", both can be accessed via the links in my blog). And once I'm finished with this course, I'm probably going to take a course in flash-programming to enhance my possibilities. Those two areas fit well with each other, I think.

I know it's probably a strange job for a girl (or rather a woman), but I'm not an average woman anyway (just check the header of my blog) and I know I'll like it. I'll probably put an update on this blog every now and then after I've managed parts of my course.

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