Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Creativity is fun

And another positive blog for my "no bitching until after New Year"-resolution. This is getting easier on one side, but on the other side I've started telling a lot more about myself than I usually do. But as probably nobody out there will ever link this blog to me - or recognize me on the streets -, I think I can risk this. Some people might wonder why I don't, for instance, just stop writing until January 2nd. Well, that would be the easier solution, but not the creative one ... and I just loooove creativity.

I like reading, as you might already have gathered from my posts about books and my little private library. I also like writing and always have. But apart from that I also use my creativity for other things:

  • first of all there are my homepages - which I've written about already
  • second I sometimes feel the need to draw - even though I'm not that much of an artist
  • third I work with the Game Maker to do little games - nothing complicated up till now

In addition I also love using the editors you get with certain computer games, building my own neighbourhood with "The Sims 2", creating my own amusement-parks and roller-coasters with "Rollercoaster Tycoon 2", trying to build my own little module for "Neverwinter Nights" and creating maps for various strategy games (mostly "WarCraft III" at the moment). And I love playing games which give you the possibility to create your worlds which is why I'm currently waiting for "Spore", a new game in which you can create your own species, and play "Anno 1701" at the moment.

I know a lot of people are just happy with watching movies, reading books and surfing the net ... doing more or less 'passive' things instead of creating new things. This is okay for me ... as long as nobody wants me to live my life like that. I like being creative and make new things. I like thinking about new games or new homepages to build. I like writing and spending a lot of time building up a new story. Creativity is fun ... and it doesn't get boring either, because you always do new things.

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