Saturday, December 23, 2006

Update on "Anno 1701"

I've written about "Anno 1701" quite some time ago, about how great I found the game and about how little it was like those violent games everybody was talking about at that time.

Now I've got a few happy moments in "Anno" which I want to share with you.

The first is the very happy moment when I gained independence from the queen and she came by to celebrate it. The game I was playing ended after that ... I had set 'gaining independence' as the goal for my game. This is how it looked close up:

This is my Palace ... well, the first part of the Palace I build, it's gotten quite a bit larger. I mostly have noblemen living on my main island now and they pay a lot of taxes - for a lot of stuff they want in return:

This finally is my lighthouse. Building a lighthouse in the game allows to toggle the night-mode, meaning you can see the streets of your city and the farms and everything else by night, a very charming sight. It's also important for gaining independence, because the celebrations include a very nice firework which can only be seen at night:

And I can proudly say to anybody who still thinks all computer games are evil: I didn't fire a shot, from a cannon or otherwise, or let any of my people wield a sword to achieve this. I've gotten along with everybody else around, too.

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Anonymous said...

nice to meet another anno1701 player
I beat up 2 hard and 1 normal player in last survival game in anno1701
Glad to know u