Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

As it seems that I was wrong and really do have some readers somewhere out there in the vast world wide web (at least my counter seems to suggest it, as it doesn't count every time I check on my blog [except the first time, so I was number one], but has counted 4 hits as I write this), I want to wish you all a Happy New Year - even though I realize some of you may have had a new year while I was still sleeping on the morning of December 31st.

I will, as I've already promised anyway, continue writing my blog. I've got three posts on my hard disk right now ... and until January 2nd I might add one or two to them. They're all about serious issues, but nothing serious enough to stop my "no bitching between Christmas and New Year"-policy.

For now: enjoy the year 2007 while it's still fresh, it'll get old by itself ... just wait until December and you'll see.

If there really is a 'you' out there and you enjoy reading my posts and have a blog yourself, be kind enough to include me in your blog-list. Leave a comment or e-mail with your blog address and I will look at it as well and - most likely - include a link in my blog-list. In my experience thoughts spread a lot faster if people have an easy way to find them; I for example, found most of the blogs in my list through the lists of others. Yes, I know, that's shameless begging, but I think what people speaking their mind - whether about their own lives or about the world - need most, is networking.

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