Saturday, May 05, 2007

All my Heroes

After I've learned that I'm actually Batman (I'll move to Gotham City after my cash has been transferred to my account - little joke here), I started to think about my own history with the superheroes from the comics.

When I was five or so I got a large pack of comics from a cousin - Spider-Man, if I'm not completely mistaken. I didn't understand a lot about them - I was five and couldn't even read properly. That was my last brush with superheroes until my late teens. Oh, I read comics, but not those about superheroes.

I've never seen the point in most of them, to be honest. Batman was interesting, because the characters were not as 'good' and 'bright' as those of most other stories. I mean, Superman is the absolutely good guy. He's nice, he's friendly and he's the absolute geek in real life (every 'normal' man would realize at some point how to impress Lois Lane). That's why I prefer Lex Luthor (even before the extremely good-looking Michael Rosenbaum in "Smallville"): he's not nice, he's not friendly and if I were caught in a room with him, only one of us would walk out alive (thought it could be a close call, I can be a bitch if I'm in a bad mood). The same goes for most of the other superheroes, male or female, which is why I usually prefer the bad guys (I've cheered Darth Vader on in a "Star Wars" night ... and I wasn't alone, he got a lot of applause in the movie theatre). I like heroes with issues ... heroes who aren't as good and nice. The Dark Knight, as Batman is called (again) today, can be scaring, but he has his mission, he has his means and he's determined to go through with it. I like that in a man - in any human being.

So, as I actually am Batman, I guess I can live with his character...

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