Friday, May 25, 2007

Whew, what a movie

I'm just (two minutes after midnight on Friday the 25th of May) back from "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" and the title of this post somehow sums up what I think about it.

As I know that the movie starts this Friday in the United States (whereas I watched it on Thursday where it started in Germany, as I said, I'm just back from the movie), I won't tell you much about the story, so I don't spoil the fun for you. But even without discussing the story as a such, there's quite some things I can tell you.

The movie has everything I could have hoped for after part 2: action, fun, twists you don't expect and of course Johnny Depp. But this isn't a post about Johnny Depp. That post would be much shorter, because I somehow doubt I would write much before getting ... distracted.

What I can tell you about the story isn't too much, except that almost nothing turns out the way one would expect. That's good, because there's not much I wouldn't expect. Usually the fact that I get a lot of things right (even though I was right about one thing concerning Davy Jones) before they are mentioned in the story makes me feel a little cheated. I mean, I pay my money for the movie ticket or the DVD and then I know what's going to happen before even half of the movie is through - but not with "Pirates", oh no. Surprises right up to the end, that's the movie.

As far as action is concerned, there's nothing missing really. From fistfights over swordfights right up to full-scale ships locked (in every meaning of the word...) in battle. The action of the movie is fast-paced - exactly what I like - and pinpointed with touchy or funny moments (like the strangest wedding ceremony I've ever seen).

Fun makes up a lot of the movie as well - just as in the other two. Jack Sparrow is always good for a joke or a funny situation (and, without really spoiling, there's more than enough of him in the movie ... yummy). Some might say they overdo it, but after the rather depressing start of the movie (and no, I'm not going to tell, see it for yourselves, if you're interested), the fun works out even better, at least for me. Right up to the end when Barbossa thinks ... and Jack has ... but, no, I'm not really going to tell. Or the "my telescope is longer than your telescope"-scenes. Men, what else can you say about them...

My tip, if you want it, is this one: Go and watch the movie! Yes, take the three hours and enjoy the large screen with the large pictures - and the great sounds.

Normally I don't comment on sounds, mainly because I don't take them in very consciously, but this time I will. The music works out great, always in harmony with the pictures. And I like the sound effects, too. And the strange 'stone-crabs' (but that's got nothing to do with the sound). Enjoy the movie, it's worth the ticket price.

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