Saturday, May 05, 2007

Something about Teria

As it seems as if at least some people are interested in my "anti-Gor" idea, I'm going to post something about the world(s) I've developed for it here.

There's Teria, of course, the planet my "amazons from outer space" come from. The climate is mild in most parts, but there's some desserts in the equatorial area - it's where the most dangerous warriors come from. The planet is actually divided in 13 kingdoms (though the right word would be "Queendoms" which sounds a bit strange) ruled - what do you expect from a female dominated culture - by 13 queens. The most influential of those is the Queen of Lamarr (the current queen is about 30) who is considered the Empress of the Terian Empire as well.

Teria has two moons (named after the two most important goddesses, the goddess of war Arjuna and the goddess of peace Derjuna) and a few stranger animals (that's as far as I've gotten now, I'm not a fan of the "build up the complete cosmos before writing the first word" school of fantasy and science fiction). Among those animals are three species that are ridden by the amazons and one species of pets. The pets are named "Fluff" and look like a mixture of a cat, a squirrel and a hamster (so it's a small cat and a very large hamster and squirrel, okay?), the size of a kitten and quite lovable. There are the whole 'male pets', too, of course, but that's a different story... The three species ridden by the amazons (apart from the horses which are almost like those on earth) are Sand-Striders (some kind of bird-like lizard that runs on its hind-legs and is used in dessert and mountain areas), Prowl-Cats (cats the size of a horse that were originally tamed to be ridden in war) and Night-Dragons (I guess you don't really need a description here, but what can I say ... I was watching "Dragon's World" while thinking up the basics and the idea fits with my society).

The society on Teria is very strict: males have no rights as civilians and are bought and sold (slaves, but that's the whole point of this upside down Gor, isn't it?). Men that are not already owned (and implanted with a small tracer that gives their id - a detail which is kept secret) can be claimed by any woman who happens to come by. Actually there are more men than women ... about two men per woman ... so most women can at least afford one slave. And of course, ever since the Terians started conquering other planets, the best-looking males of the species encountered there (as long as they are 'compatible' with a human) have been included into the harems as well.

The Terian Empire is vast, but only a couple of planets (seven so far, including Teria itself) have names known on other worlds. The most important of those (at least for the first story I've already sketched out and started writing) is Hastur, which is pretty much like the negative version of Teria. Until the planet was conquered by Terian forces, the men ruled there and they still are quite rebellious. Hastur is completely controlled by the Terians and houses most of the scientists as it was very developed very far technically even before the Terians came. Actually this is where my first male hero comes from (the story is currently titled "Queen of Teria" and will mainly be set in the most important kingdom Lamarr, even though the queen herself is not the leading female role ... but "Assistant to the Queen of Teria" sounds a bit dull, as far as titles go).

That's it for the moment, I will - one day when I've gotten around to do the website completely - include the chapters of this story (and others that might follow) on my website "Night-Shade" - it's my online story-archive anyway. Chapter one has already been written and I'm working on chapter two of roughly 24 at the moment.

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