Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My fandom is random

... and I really, really, really wish I could claim the copyright for this motto - but I can't.

Nevertheless, I think it characterizes me well. I'm not one of those hardcore fans. I've never been. There are actors, writers, musicians and so on I like a lot, but that doesn't mean I automatically buy or collect everything related to them.

I like Johnny Depp (as I've already pointed out in my post about "Pirates of the Caribbean 3"), but that doesn't mean I watch every movie just because he's in it. Admittedly I like a lot of the movies he's in (like "Sleepy Hollow" or "From Hell"), but that doesn't necessary mean I like them all (I've never been a fan of "Edward Scissorhands", for instance).

The same goes for music. I like P!nk, for example, but I wait until a few songs from a new album are aired on TV or radio before deciding whether to buy the new album or not.

I could play the same game with books as well ... and with TV-programs and everything else you can be a fan of.

I've never understood the almost religious kind of fandom some people practice. And sometimes I think that, at least for them, it really is some kind of religion. All those ecstatic feelings people usually associate with religion are transferred from a belief that's not really inspiring them to the actor, musician or whatever of their choice. In other words, the churches would need real important pop stars to become 'cool' and interesting again. No wonder a slight atheist like me isn't really affected by this.

Instead of praying to god, people plaster their rooms with posters of their favourite actor or spent most of their spare time wearing Starfleet uniforms or learning Klingon (I've had a look at it when I was about 20 or so, but the only thing that interests me in a new language is how to curse, thus I haven't learned the Elvin language from LotR either). And teenage girls are the worst fans, most of the time. Remember "Take That"? When they split up, some girls actually committed suicide (or at least tried or threatened to).

And just yesterday I read in a forum that another member had been to "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" and unfortunately sat right in front of Orlando-Bloom-fangirls who were ooh-ing and aah-ing during the whole movie and always explaining the latest scenes to the others (and just to annoy them, I would really like to spoil a little secret of the movie: he doesn't ... no, I'm not doing it, not right now, in a couple of weeks, maybe). I was lucky, there were just a few Russians behind me who, very silently, explained the most important dialogues to one of them.

And yes, I, too, enjoyed watching a movie with two very good-looking male actors in the lead. But so what? Men storm into movies just because a good-looking actress is playing a leading role. Am I supposed not to admit I do the same (albeit because of some good-looking men), just because I'm a woman? I don't think so, gentlemen!

But back to fandom. Wanting to spent some time (maybe even in a Femdomish way) with a certain former elf isn't exactly fandom (and doesn't he look good coming up from that tub in the beginning of "Pirates 3" - bound already and all wet) ... that's dreaming. (And I could give you a list from here to the moon with good-looking guys, both famous and not, I'd like to spent some quality time with and have in my dreams - and it would be written in small script. But I leave that to E - although I have to agree with her on a shocking number of those good-looking guys.) That's not fandom, it's (erotic) fantasy.

My fandom, as I already stated, is random. As in "not really specified and certainly not fanatic" (which, accidentally, is where the word 'fan' comes from). I may be a fan of one song, one movie, one book, but for me that's no real fandom ... that's just my taste. And it changes, the list of my favourite songs, movies, books and so on grows fast (which is why I haven't given it at Blogger). And some of them fall out of that list later on - see the post about my sins of the youth.

I guess, I'll keep it that way. And I still really, really, really would want to own this motto:

My fandom is random!

Learn to live with it!

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