Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've finished it!

Woohoo! I've done it! I've managed to finish the Night-Shade website! (At least for the time being, whenever I finish a new story, I'll have to include it.) And not only that: I've expanded the categories from "Stories", "FanFiction" and "Slash" to "Stories", "FanFiction", "Slash" and "Teria" (where I'll publish the Teria-stories, starting with "Queen of Teria" which is currently growing slowly, but steadily).

Now that I've put all currently finished stories (and the finished chapters of longer stories except for "Queen of Teria") online, I can lean back and continue writing. Putting up one additional story will take about 5 minutes (not including the upload, but that's not taking more than a minute or two either).

There are some projects still running (and not including the short stories I've started writing and not finished yet), including two crime-stories, some fantasy, an almost finished slash-story (which would probably only need another two or so pages) and that new "Queen of Teria" project (yes, this continued advertisement for "Queen of Teria" is brought to you by the "A not so average woman" blog - be happy I'm not trying it for real).

Back to the website, though. I've already gotten an idea for changing the index-page (that's the first page you seen of a website). I've sketched up an interesting symbol for the site and would just have to work it out and scan it and work it out some more and put it online and change the current index-page into a main-page.

But I've always already had a good idea for changing that site which is why I don't get around to work on my second domain "Geschichtenschmiede".

One day I'll do it, though ... it can only take a few more years ... or decades ... or centuries (and I don't think I'll make it into a new millennium).

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